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Massive Music Store accepts following payments terms:
  • Italy: Postepay, credit-transfer, PayPal, Nexi Cartasì (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard)
  • International: PayPal, Nexi (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard), credit-transfer ( bank transaction fees at charge of the buyer ).

Credit Card:
Nexi credit cards are accepted all over the world, thanks to the connection with the international Visa or Mastercard circuits. At the time of payment you will be directed to the NEXI website which protects and guarantees the information and data of credit card holders More info on www.nexi.it

Bank credit transfer:
You can pay your purchases with security through transfer-credit of the amount from your bank account or postal account ( by bank , post counter or on-line).
We shall receive the payment within 2-3 workdays. All transaction fees are at charge of the buyer.

Postal order (only for Italy):
Charging is quick and easy. It can be done by anyone (including non-cardholders) at any post office in Italy with a cash payment for the cost of 1 euro, or through the branches or at the Postamat Sisal, posed by the site www.poste.it or SIM PosteMobile.

Leader in world for payment on-line , PayPal boasts more than 200 million registered current account. Anyone who has an e-mail address can pay or can receive payments without problems utilising own credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard) or pre-paid card (e.g. Postepay, Kalibra and so on ) , free of charge and without sharing data with the seller.
Register yourselves free by PayPal and associate your credit card or pre-paid card with your new current account.
More info on: www.paypal.com

Every purchase is arranged by the regulations as Dlgs n. 185/99 and the protection of the privacy is regulated by the decree 675/96 and following modification.

If invoices are required , must be indicated upon the order.


Internet: www.massivemusicstore.com

Mail: please send us an e-mail with your personal data and if different your address for the shipment, specifying in detail the articles you are interested to purchase and which form of payment you prefer to use among those ones we propose.


Massive Music Store delivers all over the world by SDA Express courier and SKYNET.

Media Country Shipping method Q.ty Price Euro
All Italy SDA Express (24-48hours) * € 6,99
Cd/Dvd/7" Europe SKYNET WWE (3-6 days) 1-2 € 6,00
Cd/Dvd/7" Europe SKYNET WWE (3-6 days) 3-6 € 9,00
Cd/Dvd/7" Europe SKYNET WWE (3-6 days) 7-13 € 16,00
Cd/Dvd/7" Europe SKYNET WWE (3-6 days) 14 & more € 25,00
Vinyl Europe SKYNET WWE (3-6 days) 1 € 7,00
Vinyl Europe SKYNET WWE (3-6 days) 2-5 € 10,00
Vinyl Europe SKYNET WWE (3-6 days) 6-11 € 17,00
Vinyl Europe SKYNET WWE (3-6 days) 12 & more € 25,00
Cd/Dvd/7" Other Countries Standard (8-13 days) 1-2 € 9,50
Cd/Dvd/7" Other Countries Standard (8-13 days) 3-6 € 15,00
Cd/Dvd/7" Other Countries Standard (8-13 days) 7-13 € 26,00
Cd/Dvd/7" Other Countries SKYNET WWE (8-13 days) 14 & more € 33,00
Vinyl Other Countries Standard (9-13 days) 1 € 9,00
Vinyl Other Countries Standard (9-13 days) 2-5 € 15,00
Vinyl Other Countries Standard (9-13 days) 6-11 € 26,00
Vinyl Other Countries SKYNET WWE (9-13 days) 12 & more € 33,00


Massive Music store guarantees quality and functionality for 14 days from receipt date. If you receive an article defect or not functioning, please send an e-mail to Massive Music store to agree a replacement or refund. The article will be replaced , if possible, with another one of the same singer/title. If not available you can decide to obtain a credit for a future purchase or to be refunded.

In case of article partially or totally detective, we shall replace or refund only those ones with manufacture defect but not those ones no compatible with audio/video players . Therefore to avoid a non-refund and before to require a replacement , would you please check-up that the defect persists using another model or equipments.

The sale of product by Internet are subject to the law (D. Lgs.6 sept. 2005, n. 206) which regulates the matter of remote contracts, i.e. contract performed out of commercial shops. This rule sanction the right of recession , i.e. gives to the consumer the possibility to return the article purchased and to obtain the reimbursement of the purchase cost.This right is reserved to natural person ( consumers) , therefore cannot be exercised by legal and natural persons which are acting for purpose concerning the professional activity they are carrying on.

The consumer has the right to back out of any contracts, without penalty and without clarifying the reason, within max 14 days from purchase date.

The recession right can be exercised as follow:

1 - sending a written message by registered letter with return receipt to:

  Massive Snc Via G.Fara, 4
  20124 – Milano

2 - Shipping back goods purchased ( transport costs at charge of sender).

The articles must be no charged and in the original conditions.

By defective products the customer has to specify the kind of the defect and where it appears exactly.

Massive will provide according to the law to remit the amount due deducing transport costs and/ or bank-fees ( by payment with credit card paypal ).

Place of jurisdiction
About this, according to the law of civil code (art.1469 bis, III comma, n. 19), and to the regulations of contracts stipulated out of rooms of the company , take note that the place of jurisdiction is irrevocably and belong to the judge of residence or domicil of the customer ( see art. 12 of the law 50 of 1992 and art. 14 of the law 185 of 1999).


MMS reserves itself the faculty to cancel an order partially or completely if existing following circumstances:
  • article which the producers announce “out of print”;
  • article which cannot be delivered by the producers for reason of mayor case;
  • fraud of credit card;
  • swindle against Massive Music Store;
  • price variation carried out by the producers higher than 5%.
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