Ramones - All The Stuff And More Vol. 1

All The Stuff And More Vol. 1
  • CD
  • Anno: 1990
  • Etichetta: Sire
  • Genere: Punk/Ska
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 1.Blitzkrieg bop
2.Beat on the brat
3.Judy is a punk
4.I wanna be your boyfriend
5.Chain saw
6.Now I wanna sniff some glue
7.I don`t wanna go to the basement
9.Hava affair
10.Listen to my heart
11.53rd & 3rd
12.Let`s dance
13.I don`t wanna walk around with you
14.Today your love, tomorrow the world
15.I don`t wann be learned / I ddon`t wanna be tamed
16.I can`t be
17.Glad to see you go
18.Gimme gimme shock treatment
19.I remember you
20.Oh oh I love her so
21.Sheena is a punk rocker
22.Suzy is a headbanger
24.anow I wanna be a good boy
25.Swallow your pride
26.What`s your game
27.California sun
29.You`re gonna kill that girl
30.You should never have opened that door
32.California sun
33.I don`t wanna walk around witzh you (Live)


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