Artists Various - Death...Is Just The Beginning 3

Death...Is Just The Beginning 3

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  • 2 CD
  • Anno: 1995
  • Etichetta: Nuclear Blast
  • Genere: Metal/Hard Rock
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1-1 Benediction– The Dreams You Dread

1-2 Amorphis– Forgotten Sunrise

1-3 Dismember– Justifiable Homicide

1-4 Meshuggah– Vanished

1-5 Pungent Stench– Tony

1-6 Deceased– Creek Of The Dead

1-7 Mindrot– Anguished

1-8 Sinister– Embodiment Of Chaos

1-9 Pyogenesis– Son Of Fate

1-10 Kataklysm– Eternal, I Reach Infinity

1-11 Enemy Soil– Common Ground

1-12 Therion– Black

1-13 Exit-13– Oral Fixation

1-14 Convulse– The Rite Of Sunshine

1-15 Blood Duster– Albert

1-16 Embalmer– Rotten Body Fluids

1-17 Brutality– When The Sky Turns Black

1-18 Macabre– Fish Tales

1-19 Incantation– Blissful Bloodshower

1-20 Mortician– Blown To Pieces

1-21 Hypocrisy– The Abyss


2-1 Purge– Stained

2-2 Human Remains– Weeding Out The Thorns

2-3 Divine Eve– Velvet Of The Godless

2-4 Disrupt– Lack Of Intelligence

2-5 Dissection– Nights Blood

2-6 Morgion– Relics Of A Dying Past

2-7 The Abyss– Psychomantum

2-8 Incubus – The Battle Of Armageddon

2-9 Monastat 7– Lunch Warz

2-10 Celestial Season– Above Azure Oceans

2-11 Phobia  Degrading Humanity

2-12 Konkhra– Chaos To Climb

2-13 Illdisposed– Whithering Teardrops

2-14 Dead World– Lamia

2-15 Abscess– Die Pig Die

2-16 Gorefest– Fear

2-17 Cradle Of Filth– To Eve The Art


2 x CD, Compilation DIGIPACK