Destruction - Live Discharge DVD+CD

Live Discharge DVD+CD
  • DVD
  • Anno: 2004
  • Etichetta: Nuclear Blast
  • Genere: Musicale
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Live Discharge

DVD-1 Curse The Gods

DVD-2 Nailed To The Cross

DVD-3 Wacken – Before The Show

DVD-4 Eternal Ban

DVD-5 Mad Butcher

DVD-6 Life Without Sense

DVD-6 Machinery Of Lies

DVD-7 Thrash Till Death

DVD-8 Destruction On Tour

DVD-9 Metal Discharge

DVD-10 The Butcher Strikes Back

DVD-11 The Antichrist

DVD-12 Reject Emotions

DVD-13 Release From Agony

DVD-14 Tears Of Blood

DVD-15 Marc Drumsolo

DVD-16 Tormentor

DVD-17 Destruction WorldWide

DVD-18 Invincible Force

DVD-19 Bestial Invasion Fuck Up

DVD-20 Bestial Invasion

DVD-21 Wacken – After The Show

DVD-22 Bullets From Hell

DVD-23 Pratteln – Backstage Aftershow

DVD-24 Total Desaster


DVD-25 Desecrators

DVD-26 The Ravenous Beast


DVD-26 Australia Tour Special

DVD-28 Interview

DVD-29 Left Overs

DVD-30 Old Glorious Footage


Alive Devastation

CD-1 Intro – Curse The Gods 6:13

CD-2 Nailed To The Cross 4:40

CD-3 Eternal Ban 3:03

CD-4 Machinery Of Lies 3:59

CD-5 Bullets From Hell 4:57

CD-6 Tears Of Blood 4:19

CD-7 Life Without Sense 8:08

CD-8 Thrash Till Death 4:13

CD-9 Mad Butcher 3:46

CD-10 The Butcher Strikes Back 3:32

CD-11 Intro – Total Desaster 4:05

CD-12 Invincible Force 7:39

CD-13 Bestial Invasion 5:56


DVD-Video, PAL, Digipak BONUS CD

The CD - ALIVE DEVASTATION was recorded at the Wacken Open Air Festival 2002