Saffire The Uppity Blues Women - Live & Uppity

Live & Uppity
  • CD
  • Anno: 1998
  • Etichetta: Alligator
  • Genere: Blues
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1.Spoken Introduction (Live)
2.Cold Pizza And Warm Beer (Live)
3.You'Ll Never Get Me Out Of Your Mind (Live)
4.One Good Man (Live)
5.Hold Me Close (Live)
6.Silver Beaver (Live)
7.Mr. Insurance Man (Live)
8.The Thing That You Need (Live)
9.1-800-799-723300532 (Live)
10.You Can Have My Husband (Live)
11.Hopin' It'Ll Be Alright (Live)
12.Bitch With A Bad Attitude (Live)
13.Dump That Chump (Live)
14.Lonely Nights (Live)
15.Middle Aged Blues Boogie (Live)
16.Crazy (Live)
17.Some Cold And Rainy Day (Live)


Andra Faye Mcintosh, Ann Rabson, Gaye Abegbalola