Andreas Vollenweider - Book Of Roses

Book Of Roses
  • CD
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: Edel
  • Genre: New Age
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1.La Strega
2.The Grand Ball Of The Duljas
3.Morning At Boma Park
4.The Five Curtains
5.Book Of Roses
6.In Doga Gamee
7.Passage To Promise
8.In The Woods Of Kroandal
9.Jugglers In Obsidian
10.Chanson De L'Heure Bleue
11.Czippa And The Ursanian Girl
12.The Birds Of Tilmun
14.Jours D'Amour
15.Manto's Arrow And The Sphinx
16.Letters To A Young Rose
17.Ouvertürli (Bonus Track)
18.Book Of Roses (Live) (Bonus Track)
19.Hey You! Yes, You... (Bonus Track)
20.Book Of Roses (Video)
21.Book Of Roses (Promotional Video)
22.Introducing 'Vox' (Video).


Book Of Roses Sixteen Episodes / Four Chapters

CD, Album, Reissue, Digipak Remixed Remastered 24 bit

Including free bonus audio video