Daath - The Hinderers

The Hinderers

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  • CD
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: Warner
  • Genre: Metal/Hard Rock
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1. Subterfuge
2. From The Blind
3. Cosmic Forge
4. Sightless
5. Under A Somber Sign
6. Ovum
7. Festival Mass Soulform
8. Above Lucium
9. Who Will Take The Blame? - (With James Murphy)
10. War Born (Tri-Adverserenade)
11. Dead On The Dance Floor
12. Blessed Through Misery - (With James Malone)
13. Hinderers, The


Michael Kameron; Eyal Levi. Daath: Sean Farber (Vocals); Emil Werstler,
Eyal Levi (Guitar); Michael Kameron (Keyboards); Jeremy Creamer (Bass
Instrument); Kevin Talley (Drums). Personnel: Eric Sanders, Matt Ellis
(Drums). Additional Personnel: James Murphy, James Malone (Guitar).
Recording Information: Hairy Breakfast Productions, Atlanta, Ga