Andreas Vollenweider - Down To The Moon

Down To The Moon
  • CD
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: Edel
  • Genre: New Age
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1.Down To The Moon
2.Moon Dance
3.Steam Forest
4.Water Moon
5.Night Fire Dance
6.Quiet Observer
7.Silver Wheel
8.Drown In Pale Light
9.The Secret
10.The Candle And Love
11.Hush-Patience At Bamboo Forest
12.Three Silver Ladies Dance
13.La Lune Et L'Enfant
14.Moonday (Bonus Track)
15.Hey You! Yes, You... (Bonus Track)
16.Down To The Moon - Live Tokyo 1987(Video)
17.Introducing 'Vox' (Video).


CD, Album, Reissue, Digipak Remixed Remastered 24 bit

Including free bonus audio video