artists various - Hard To Beat Twenty One Stooges Killers

Hard To Beat Twenty One Stooges Killers
  • 2 LP
  • Year: 1988
  • Label: Augogo
  • Genre: Punk/Ska
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A1 Thrust (9)– Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell 

A2 Exploding White Mice– Down On The Street 

A3 Seminal Rats– I Need Somebody 

A4 No Mans Land– Penetration  

A5 Stress Of Terror– Not Right 

B1 God (6)– Real Cool Time 

B2 Asylum (16)– T.V. Eye 

B3 Johnny Kannis– Kill City 

B4 Magnolia Strip– Dirt  

B5 Raw Power (5)– She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills  


C1 Hard-Ons– 1970 

C2 Vocal Lizard– Loose 

C3 ME 262– I Got Nothing 

C4 Psychotic Turnbuckles– 1969  

C5 NRG (8)– I Wanna Be Your Dog 

C6 Feedtime– Anne 

D1 Plunderers– No Fun 

D2 The Girlies– Tight Pants  

D3 Celibate Rifles*– Gimme Danger 

D4 Harem Scarem (2)– Open Up Bleed  37,9935,99

D5 Hellmenn– Search Destroy


An Australian Compilation', contains a 12-page, 12-inch sized booklet and a June 1988 'Au-go-go News' insert.

2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation

laminated cover

printed in australia