Tom Waits Crystal Gayle - One From The Heart

One From The Heart
  • LP
  • Year: 1982
  • Label: Columbia
  • Genre: Soundtrack
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Side One
Opening Montage (5:15)
A1 Tom'S Piano Intro
A2 Once Upon A Town
A3 The Wages Of Love
A4 Is There Any Way Out Of This Dream 2:12
A5 Picking Up After You 3:52
A6 Old Boyfriends 5:52
A7 Broken Bicycles 2:51

Side Two
B1 I Beg Your Pardon 4:25
B2 Little Boy Blue 3:40
Instrumental Montage (2:59)
B3 The Tango
B4 Circus Girl
B5 You Can'T Unring A Bell 2:20
B6 This One'S From The Heart :44
B7 Take Me Home 1:35
B8 Presents 1:01


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